Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Model 609 gets 5 stars meat slicer reviews from customers. It is a cast-aluminum and stainless-steel slicer with gear-driven, cool-running, high-torque motor. It is suitable for using at home or is a small restaurant with the reasonable price. Spending amount of money is 99 dollars seems not be too high for a tool in the kitchen. Especially for wifehouse, who has a lot of work to everyday, a meat slicer will help them to save time and do other jobs. It is on top 100 in Home & Kitchen and on top 5 in Electric Slicers, Specialty Appliances, Small Appliances, Kitchen & Dining.

meat slicer reviews

Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

In customsers’ reviews, they highly apreaciate many fetures such as cleaning easily, Serrated blade or a huge meat can be quickly sliced. I myself had one in my kitchen, I totally agree with thier view. Otherwise, I am also not pleased with it speed. Sometimes, it takes more time to slice meat than I expected. Perharp at that time I’m in a bit hurry and that why I felt it longer. Another feature that I hope it will be longer that is the time of warranty. It has only one year limited warranty.

On the contrary to two above fetures, I choosed this Model for my kitchen because it is made of cast-aluminum and stainless-steel. It will make up for the time warranty as its material is much more durable. Further more, I prefer this model as that it can cut the huge meat which for other model I used to have I had to cut with a knife before using a meat slicer electricity. I might be aceptable with fresh meat or cooked meat. It was really unpleasant with frozen meat.

If anyone of you haven’t got a meat slicer at home. Let start thinking of this now. Having a meat slicer at home is a great investment especially if you are cooking enthusiasts. It makes you refrain from buying processed meat at unsecured market. Instead, you can start processing your own meat to ensure the safety and health of you and your family. Thus with your own meat slicer, you can certainly the perfect meal any time of the day!

You may wonder how to use and how effective it is.

Like other housewife, I always concern about food safety that we use everyday. Model 609 is evaluated to be easy to clean. But I think to make it safer, homemaker should pay attention more on the kind of meat you choose.

Another feature is that electric slicer meat could be extremely dangerous especially if operating in the wrong direction. Blades can hurt you if you do not handle it properly and without the right information on how to handle meat slicer. Thus be careful when sharpening or cleaning the blade, as it is very sharp.If this happens make sure you have first aid and go to the nearest hospital for further treatment. Never put your fingers near the blade, especially if the guard is off. Prevention is better than cure, so make sure to be careful whenever you use your electric meat slicer. Cleaning and appropriate original meat slicers are not so difficult as long as you have the right information. You first need to regularly check if the meat slicer is clean and free of stains and small pieces of meat. Be sure to turn the washing machine before cleaning and dismantling of the meat slicer. Remove the cutting accessories and attachment to clean up. You can wash attachments in hot soapy water, then rinse with warm water. You can run the attachments through the dishwasher. But the most important is that you should read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and labels when cleaning the blades and the body of your meat slicer.After washing you should re-assemble the pieces at a time.

I am an intertainmental person thus a meat slicer is really useful when I do cooking for guest who usully seeing. It has the most effective when having party. I know the valuable food brought to the table and love providing a wide display of quality foods. And I do not like the food which is dismal and unappealing at the party. In adition, I also help me when I always prepare sandwichs for my children. It does not take me much time to prepare.

At the end, now my younger sister also has one like me. She thanks me for introducing her this model.

To summary, here is the list that I do when I use 609 Premium Electric – Meat slicer reviews

Pros Cons
Easy to clean

Sclice huge meat

Safe to use

Slow speed

One year limitted warranty


STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turbo force 3-Speed Electric

World’s meat consumption is increasing every day because of the increase in the population. As the new meat recipe are introduced every day all around the world regardless of which nation or culture the people belong. It is considered to be the one of the delicious food element for the humans as since the ancient time people are using meat as a food and with the advancement in technology, now meat is used in different shapes to make different food products. In most of the food recipe that uses meat, it is usually in the mesh form. So, to grind the meat we need the best meat grinder present in the market. The quality and performance of the grinder usually determine the quality of the meshing of the meat.

best meat grinder

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric with 3 Cutting Blades, 3 Grinding Plates, Kubbe Attachment and Sausage Stuffing Tubes

To enjoy delicious meatballs which is one of the best meat dishes you need a grinder that grind the meat. The grinding of the meat should be done perfectly and evenly as all the meat should be like same of there is any irregularity in the meat size then it will have a negative effect on the dish. There are many meat grinders available in the market but the best one is “Six International turbo force meat grinder”. There are many reasons why this meat grinder is on the top of the list. Its unique and elegant makes it eye-catching for the customer also this machine is amazing for the domestic use. Don’t judge the machine by its size as this machine have one of the powerful motor ever used in the meat grinder whose output power is 3000 W. This shows the massive power this machine has as unlike the traditional meat grinder machine this one have some amazing features. The blades used in this monster is so powerful and sharp that they can cut any kind of meat no matter how hard it is. This machine is equipped with 3 cutting blades and 3 grinding blades making it perfect machine to grind the meat. The product comes with some of the salient features also which is that the power of this machine can be controlled with the inverter and set on three different levels High, Medium, and Low. Through all these different power level the machine gives the best grinding for any kind of meat. But, as this is a cutting machine that can cut meat so human safety is most important for us and this machine is very safe to use. The machine has circuit breaker switch for safety & also the blades are fully covered so that the person using the machine don’t get in touch with the blades in any case.
That’s why this machine has achieved a remarkable sale since the day it was launched as until now over 80,000 STX meat grinder have been sold to the customer. Our success story can be seen from the response of our valuable customer as until now the customer satisfaction for our product is 99% which is far more than any other meat grinding machine in the international market. The company offers their customer this marvelous machine with one year of guarantee as this makes our customer more loyal. So, when it comes to the best meat grinder “Six Turbo Force” is always on top of the list.