How to choose the best meat slicer for your kitchen?

If there has a device that has its place in our kitchens is a meat slicer. Formerly, it was reserved for professionals, but today this is not exactly at all!

It is right that at meat slicer may seem cumbersome at first glance, impressed by its weight and may seem difficult to use for a mother. But that was considered to before.. .. Indeed, the meat slicer design has become lighter and easier to use. All thanks to the efforts of manufacturers who understand that a meat slicer is no longer reserved only to chefs.

Chef’s Choice 615 Premium Electric Food Slicer

The problem is that today there are dozens of different models. The user may consider to aspects like manual or electric, powerful or not, plastic or stainless steel, for everyday use or rather punctual, easy to care or not, more secure than others, first prize or premium, the choice is vast, and even very large.

So today I decided to offer you this buying guide and tell you everything or almost on the meat slicer. There will have no secrets about the top model in the first prices also the benefits thier maintenance.

The ham slicer is a device whose function is to finely and effectively cut many foods. Everyone knows that advantage. But you may not be aware that the meat slicer is also very convenient for cutting meat, bread, vegetables, sausage or cheese. You can either cut food or consume the following as the sausage during a cocktail or cut of meat for example carpaccio or vegetables to make a recipe. It adapts to all situations.

The operation of the electric slicer is simple. Adjusting the thickness of the slice you want, you put your food on the tray and push the advancing blade and its rotation are started by the engine. Actually there are other ways to operate a meat slicer but most of them are easy. For some Chefs’s Choice meat slicer models, operation is even simpler, necessarily.

My opinion on the use of the meat slicer.

One is never better served than by yourself and when I’m talking about a device I prefer to test it myself. So of course I did not buy up to10 slicers to try them. It would have cost me dear and have 10 slicers does not serve really much less to convert me in catering but it is not yet valid.

So how did I do? I have not been in shops, my ham under her arm to test the shelf models. I bought two (a cheap model and a more upmarket), I tested for several days together with other models lent by friends.

Like everyone, I have taken years to decide for buying a slicer. Why ? Again like everyone else, because it’s still an imposing device but mostly because I thought I did not have particularly utility. But ultimately, it is believed not to be used often but when we did, we would do every day. And that was my case. For, as for the sausage meat, bread like cheese, I can not do without it. In fact, I leave in one corner (large area) of my work plan. It’s true that if we get her out every time, it has often been “lazy” and is used only rarely.

It is to prove that my opinion on the meat slicer is well argued by everyday use. Frankly I adhere completely and I find it really practical every day. It may be unimportant at first but you still slice things to prepare a meal. Once you have taken it in hand, it is very easy to settle everything without any effort.

I like the fact that we can choose the thickness of the slice depending on the food but also the tastes of eater. When I have guests, some like the ultra-thin slices of meat, others prefer thicker slices of sausage, it’s not a problem for me since I only have to change the size of the cut. It takes three seconds and everyone is happy. It’s great.