About Us


Welcome to this dreamy little boutique owned and run by Gracelys, a girl who has been on the lookout for everything vintage and lovely for over the past 10 years. It all started in 2000 as a small online shop selling her favorite vintage finds as a result of her passion in thrifting. Not long after, the shop was closed temporarily as she moved on to attend fashion design schools and to work in brand managing jobs. Today the shop has revived back to life and has become a wonderland filled with sweet vintage-inspired fashion that reflects a personality and a lifestyle.



Lalamagic embodies all girls' dreams and romances, while also bringing in a flair of modern fashion. All items are NEW with vintage styles. We bring many polka dots, peter pan collars, cute floral designs, lovely laces and heart patterns that every girl will love. We never get tired of searching for the most fascinating pieces that reflect the originality and heart of Lalamagic.

We travel overseas to Japan and Korea multiple times a year to handpick original, yet easy-to-wear pieces into our one-of-a-kind collection. So if you do indeed fall in love with our dreamy styles, rest assured about the high quality you will receive because we buy each and every piece through the eyes of a customer who is looking for vintage style and quality that will last a lifetime. 

Many of our products are one and only, so we do apologize if a few of our items are running out of stock. In other words, if anything ever catches your eye and heart, act quick!
Have a lovely day!