Our Sizes

Trying to figure out what sizes we offer and which fits you?

We give each size a name. Yes...sometimes S/M/L is just too confusing isn't it? We use these cute names to help you find your right size in an interesting and unique way. Find out who you are in the world of Lalamagic now and start shopping right away!

How do we define each size?

There are at least 3 steps we use to define a size to each garment:

  1. we measure each garment flat, including armhole, bust, waist, hip and the lengths of all other details
  2. we look at the silhouettes of each design, whether it's meant to be fitted tightly or loosely, and spot out potential fitting challenges
  3. we feel and examine the fabric to make sure it provides stretch or doesn't drape

We measure each garment flat in inches.